A Little Rabbit Lives with me on a Houseboat in Amsterdam

Rita Said Art Blog

The story behind this painting really is a series of synchronicities. The synchronicities have conjured up fond memories from my childhood and dreams I have. Through this painting I have learned more about people and their affections for this hopping animal.

My heritage is Maltese. Both of my parents grew up on the Island of Gozo; the second largest island of three making up the Maltese Archipeligo in the Mediterranean Sea.

A dish you can expect to be served as a delicacy and gesture of love in any Maltese home is Rabbit Stew (Fenech). So, as a child, rabbits were always breeding in our backyard. I spent hours and hours of my childhood watching them, holding them and undeniably loving them. As pets. If ever there was any doubt as to what I was putting in my mouth, the answer was always ‘chicken’.