I spend a great deal of time thinking about the term ‘space’ in its’ various contexts. The word itself is magnificent when spoken, of it’s own accord, beckoning vastness upon exhaling its’ sound.

I liken space to a belief system in that, as in any belief system, it is advisable to experience its’ differing aspects if being a well rounded human is something that interests you. Obviously this is an area of inquiry matched perfectly with a generous lifespan.

By definition we know space to be:

a) ‘a continuous area or expance which is free, available, or unoccupied’

b) ‘position (two or more items) at a distance from one another’

Hung like a Horse

Artists are motivated to create.

Full stop.

We create things to make space available in our mind to create more things.

It’s a cycle of bringing the intangible (mind) into the tangible (physical) that plays out for the entire life of an Artist to investigate an internal discourse(s) within a belief system(s)

I honestly feel this to be true.

Some art is breathtaking, inducing We are all fleshtears. Though to be honest, a lot is weightless. I don’t mean as in, ‘You call that Art? My 5 year old could do better than that.’ I mean hollow, flailing around the periphery of an idea, void of a pinnacle and lacking confidence.

This brings to mind something I witnessed as a student in a sculpture unit I once took. We were instructed at the end of one lesson to choose a word, create a piece animating our word of choice, then bring it in for discussion the following week. My word was ‘distance’ and my piece was shit. From memory I got no air time!

‘SOLO’ The Exhibition

'Azure Windows'

‘Azure Windows’

Opening on the 12th of May 2016 at 6pm

With thanks to Little Creatures Brewery located in Fremantle, WA. – ‘SOLO’ is the exhibition of 12 months of creativity unleashed during my 2015 Residency at Studio 11, Fremantle. Hanging along the upstairs walls, expect to see a dynamic curated display of Abstraction and Figuration.

‘Needless to say I like exhibiting my work; although the process is not without some kind of anxiety at any given time! Exhibiting is a great way for me to experience my work from a distance. My work is external to me on the walls of public places and seeing the volume of work I have created in such a venue is an essential part of informing myself about my practice. I’m looking forward to it and looking forward to seeing you there also!’




We all have a process. Whether you are an Artist or not. You have a way and you can call that way your process. It is your way of navigating through things (life) to get to some kind of end, or understanding, accompanied with a sense of achievement; at the very least.

Most people (myself included) like to see the results of their process as a linear progression (upward trending). Although we know life can unfold very differently. So if I am talking about lines and progression, and my Art process, perhaps yours too – visualise a coil.


My contract requires that I show up to my Art practice everyday. Whether I paint, buy paint, make collograph plates, cut paper, make paper, write, have a conversation, or all of it in a day, I try to do something each day which fulfils my contract as an Artist – for me. Needless to say some days are more productive and successful than others! This momentum ensures that inspiration can reach me. Either from within myself or externally. As it does you.

A Little Rabbit Lives with me on a Houseboat in Amsterdam

Rita Said Art Blog

The story behind this painting really is a series of synchronicities. The synchronicities have conjured up fond memories from my childhood and dreams I have. Through this painting I have learned more about people and their affections for this hopping animal.

My heritage is Maltese. Both of my parents grew up on the Island of Gozo; the second largest island of three making up the Maltese Archipeligo in the Mediterranean Sea.

A dish you can expect to be served as a delicacy and gesture of love in any Maltese home is Rabbit Stew (Fenech). So, as a child, rabbits were always breeding in our backyard. I spent hours and hours of my childhood watching them, holding them and undeniably loving them. As pets. If ever there was any doubt as to what I was putting in my mouth, the answer was always ‘chicken’.