‘SOLO’ The Exhibition

'Azure Windows'

‘Azure Windows’

Opening on the 12th of May 2016 at 6pm

With thanks to Little Creatures Brewery located in Fremantle, WA. – ‘SOLO’ is the exhibition of 12 months of creativity unleashed during my 2015 Residency at Studio 11, Fremantle. Hanging along the upstairs walls, expect to see a dynamic curated display of Abstraction and Figuration.

‘Needless to say I like exhibiting my work; although the process is not without some kind of anxiety at any given time! Exhibiting is a great way for me to experience my work from a distance. My work is external to me on the walls of public places and seeing the volume of work I have created in such a venue is an essential part of informing myself about my practice. I’m looking forward to it and looking forward to seeing you there also!’

‘SOLO’ runs from the 5th of May – 7th of June 2016.